Introducing Eloïse – ‘Studio 54’


‘Studio 54’ marks the debut release of seventeen-year-old newcomer Eloïse. With her distinctive vocal style, this is unmistakably the sound of a powerful new artist.

She is still studying her A Levels, and defies her youth with incredible poetic and emotional maturity.

Her soaring vocals completely envelope the listener in her world, mixing the vocal intensity of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid with the streetwise and angsty lyrics of Lana Del Rey.

Eloïse manages to integrate a darker and more cynical sense of artists like Bowie or Frank Ocean while the music blends the best elements of R&B and pop music. The result can be described as a musical landscape that is as haunting to the listener.

The songstress has received attention from the likes of BBC Introducing in her native county of Suffolk, and Eloïse experiments with her own distinct sense of personal style, choosing to make bold and artistic statements and defying convention.

Eloïse’s style is akin to the vibes of Banks or newbies like Dua Lipa, with a nod to a darker R&B form. The spacious washes and echo-laden vocals add a level of mystery and set the tracks apart from others in similar genres.

‘Studio 54’ is delicately poisoned with both confidence and an impending full-bodied sound, that is an uneasy mood of menace. The track is a striking effort, and a piece of music that affirms the intrigue surrounding this very promising artist.

You can listen to the track below.

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