Ben Of The Brown Science Releases Nostalgic Jazz Infused Track ‘Brooklyn’


Established in Atlanta, Georgia, The Brown Science have recently released their debut track, ‘Brooklyn’, a hip-hop and jazz influenced song, capturing old school the Brooklyn sound, and featuring jazzy piano, violin, and nostalgic drum tracks.

Ben (of The Brown Science), who had previously produced hip-hop and jazz, decided he wanted a band of his own which reflected his love of those musical styles. The Brown Science was born, with Ben as the only static member. ‘Brooklyn’ features Denitia (Denitia and Sene), Chris Jackson on vocals, Nolan Thies on bass and drums, Jose Benjamin on violin, and James “Foolish” Deering on keyboards.

The Brown Science’s sound, inspired by jazz loops used by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, and Pete Rock, is best described as “sampled jazz”, with Ben wanting to capture the groove of those groups. Instead of sampling records however, Ben says, “I get with different musicians to develop the grooves from scratch.” ‘Brooklyn’ was built on top of the initial piano track, with the contributing artists coming in from as far afield as Brooklyn and Houston.

Ben recorded the drum track in BunkerHill Studios in Brooklyn, New York itself:

“I started out listening to jazz records for inspiration while burning some Nag Champa incense.

“Called my go to piano guy (James “Foolish” Deering) over to start a session based on a melody I had in my head…he did that and added his own two cents (prominently the B section of the song).

“After writing the song to the new melody, I called on Denitia (from the band “Denitia and Sene“) and Chris (Jackson) to record. I sent the record back to Brooklyn (Bunkerhill Studios) to get bass and drums recorded with my good musician buddy Nolan Thies.

“*(BunkerHill Studios has a great drum room, and I knew it would capture that nostalgic Brooklyn feeling I was going for)*.

“Then…to vioinlinist (Jose Benjamin) to add something sweet on the top of everything. After the music was recorded I sent a rough mix to Alex (L’ Estrange) to mix. *(…p.s. Alex ran the drums and violin through a reel to reel tape machine…I smiled :)*.”

Released on October 10, ‘Brooklyn’ is available to download from iTunes, and Amazon, and stream on Spotify. The Brown Science are planning to release some live dates soon to take place in the first half of 2017. For further information, check out The Brown Science on their official website, and Instagram.

Brooklyn - The Brown Science

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