Gabi Sklar – ‘LA Changes You’

Gabi Sklar

With a sober warning about the dangers of substance abuse, 16 year old singer songwriter Gabi Sklar implores her listeners to never let the world change them, with new song, ‘LA Changes You’.

‘LA Changes You’ centres on what happens when you go in search of fame and fortune – it’s not always plain sailing and just as often as not it can break you rather than make you. Gabi’s pure voice challenges us to think before we come to rash decisions. The video opens with a newspaper headline reading, ‘Every Year Hundreds Of Kids Move To Los Angeles Chasing Fame And Fortune’, and the focus moves to a young man, played by Vine sensation, Christian Davies, seated on a sofa in a derelict room, burning photos representing a past better life. The video tells a wise, but cautionary tale about the struggles of substance abuse that is far too common in the lives of young people on the West Coast of the USA.

Growing up in a family music lovers, Long Island New York native Gabi Sklar began playing the grand piano by ear at only 8 years old. Once she’d learned a few notes and chords, she started writing lyrics, fuelled by the desire to express her emotions and make sense of the world around her.

“My style is lyric-centric and mainly piano-based — it’s very much a result of my piano-rooted writing process,” Sklar says. “My goal in creating music is to share my stories in hopes of connecting with others. I want to impact people the way that my favorite artists have impacted me.”


Find Gabi Sklar online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vevo, and Soundcloud.

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