Electro London Launch Golden Vinyl Egg Treasure Hunt

Synth Wave 4

In conjunction with the release of their ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ compilation, Electro London have come up with a unique way to both target a new audience, and also to help charity.

The label is working with Sue Ryder charity shops, who they see as a great place for their fans to discover vinyl, with a “Golden Vinyl Egg” treasure hunt.

Rob Green from Electro London explains:

“Given what we have learned over the years within the vinyl market and other Electro London releases and knowing that traditional distribution in record shops only gets a release to certain ears, we’ve done some research among our social media followers, along with different age demographics and have decided to target three high street Sue Ryder charity shops – as some of our younger fans say that they do great vinyl.”

Backing up the label’s traditional distributors, SRD, the label aims to hit early adopters, who love discovering great vinyl, by putting ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ in some three Sue Ryder charity shops. The records are brand new, shrink-wrapped and brilliantly designed, and so should stand out when people are searching for classic vinyl. The hope is that through this, more people will be able to discover world-class underground Synth Wave on vinyl. The “Golden Vinyl Egg” hunt involves placing stickered albums in selected Sue Ryder shops, which when sold will both build awareness of the brand and also have the added bonus of bringing more younger people into the stores.

Rob Green continues:

“We want to stir up excitement with those lucky enough to find and buy the three elusive and valuable limited edition ‘Synth Wave’ records ahead of release. Those who buy them and tweet or Facebook a selfie of themselves with the album to Electro London by 10th June, will get a free pass to Electro London Festival in September, which features some of the brilliant electronic artists featured on the record plus the legendary Wolfgang Flur (ex Kraftwerk).”

The Electro London label is combining online innovation with traditional marketing ideas, and so have printed the link to their website on the back of the record, as well as a QR code which links to the Electro London Festival site, so the winners will easily work out where to post their pics!

‘Synth Wave’ Volume 1 can be preordered here. Watch the promo video:

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