Rachael Sage Celebrates International Dance Day With Announcement of Album CHOREOGRAPHIC

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Award-winning recording artist Rachael Sage makes her highly anticipated return to UK shores with the release of her twelfth studio album, ‘Choreographic’ this Autumn, preceded by the release of the first single from that album in August.  With ‘dance’ inspiring the heart of this album, Rachael gives her celebrity support to International Dance Day 2016 (April 29) by releasing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of her forthcoming video ‘I Don’t Believe It’ and unveils plans for a 2016 tour across some of the UK’s most prestigious dance schools.  Adopting a strong cultural foothold, which straddles multiple areas of dance and sound, Rachael Sage proves that her sound can make an indelible stamp on a fusion of Arts.

Self-describing her ‘Choreographic’ sound as “ballet-pop”, Sage delivers a musically ambitious and emotionally accessible tribute to her very first love: Dance. Fresh off the heels of her 17th song placement on Lifetime TV’s Dance Moms in the States, Sage and her music have reached an ever-widening audience since her previous release ‘Blue Roses’; amassing over 9.5 million views on YouTube.

Connecting to her roots in ballet, the NYC-based Sage “envisioned each song as a fully-choreographed multi-media experience” while crafting the album. The result is an inspired set of piano-based chamber-pop merging orchestral elements with her signature blend of folk, pop and rock. “Making this album was a meditation on my lifelong relationship to ballet and more recently, to lyrical dance. Dance gave me virtually everything I cherish as an artist: melody, expressiveness, a sense of ensemble, a love of costume and fashion, and foremost, discipline.” Accordingly, Sage has several dance-centric videos in the works including one for her first video release ‘I Don’t Believe It’ which explores the topic of bullying and will feature 3-time national dance champion Kaci King, an eleven-year-old performer who reached out to Sage on Facebook.

Sage, who contributed piano and guitar on the album, is joined by top-notch musicians including violinists Rachel Golub (Adele) and Lyris Hung (Indigo Girls), cellist Dave Eggar (A Great Big World), drummer Doug Yowell (Joe Jackson), guitarist James Mastro (Ian Hunter) and Jack Petruzelli (Rufus Wainwright).  Featuring 12 brand-new tracks, the album was co-produced by Sage and Grammy® winner Andy Zulla (Idina Menzel, Rod Stewart) and engineered by Grammy® nominee John Shyloski (Johnny Winter, Diana Ross). A special bonus track, a charming rendition of Carole King’s “So Far Away”, will be available exclusively on the iTunes version.

Sage, who attended The School of American Ballet as a teen and is also a visual artist and poet, was on tour in Europe during the recent Paris bombings. She returned home and completed her album with a renewed sense of focus; determined more than ever to distill her vision into something unifying and genre-crossing.

The album ‘Choreographic’ will be released in the UK on MPress Records in Autumn 2016. For more information visit Rachael’s website.

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