Lilies On Mars Video for ‘Rachel Walks By The Sea’ Premieres on The Revue


Lilies On Mars release their new video for their single, ‘Rachel Walks By The Sea’, from the new album that is available now, ‘Ago’.

The album is available in digital form, on CD, and a special edition white vinyl album through the Lilies On Mars Bandcamp page. The nine song album has a sound that falls along the lines of dream pop, synth pop, and psychedelic electro with obscure melody hooks that blur the lines between what would be considered the pop genre.

The video for ‘Rachel Walks By The Sea’ was directed by videographer Maria Day and features some great footage of the worlds most spectacular nature as well as some vague silhouette’s of the duo dancing and singing to the upbeat track. Maria Day had this to say about the music of Lilies On Mars and the single ‘Rachel Walks By The Sea’:
“The music of ‘Rachel Walks By The Sea’ and the dimensional cosmic approach of Lilies on Mars through their sounds, inspired in me the concept of a new sight through a powerful imagination. The images are timeless, the beauty of a respite nature and the hectic chaos of the town. Through imagination we can live both, and many more aspects at the same time, experiencing a floating lucid dream that also inspires this dimension.”
The video for ‘Rachel Walks By The Sea’ was also premiered by The Revue whom explained more about the videos concept, stating,
“Like the song, the video is gorgeous. The video starts off looking at Earth from outer space before showing footage of some of the planet’s most spectacular scenery and also the bustling affairs of an urban centre. Maria’s and Cristofalo’s silhouettes are occasionally shown, and the juxtaposition of images is intended to show the harmony that should exist between nature and humankind.”
The powerful images in the video coincide with the powerful and dramatic electronic arrangements that Lilies On Mars create.
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Lilies On Mars’ brand new album, ‘Ago’, was released on February 26th 2016 on Lady Sometimes Records, and features a couple of previously-released singles that have done rather well for the duo. ‘Dancing Star’ and ‘Stealing’ were favourited by BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne. Ago, mixes the retro-futurist concept with psychedelic and cosmic pop elements throughout the album which is influenced by the duo’s strong admiration for primitive electronic experimentalists, and the pioneers of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
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To hear the music of Lilies On Mars or for more info check out the duos iTunes, FacebookBandcamp, and Twitter. Also check out the video for ‘Rachel Walks By The Sea’ below.
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