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Elevare Empire, based in Atlanta Georgia, are a group of vocalists, musicians, and visual artists, gathered together under the curatorship of DJ Nomihodai. Formed in 2014, Elevare Empire allows all members to contribute and interpret, with the one stipulation that they elevate the contribution.

“Elevare” is the Italian word for Elevate, and “Empire’ signifies a strong group, in English. Together this hybridisation of two words defines the make up and main purpose of The Elevare Empire, a truly international group.
With this in mind, the collective aims to create lively, entertaining, and enjoyable songs and art, with collaboration effected across the world by means of modern technology. Incidentally, “Nomihodai” means “All you can drink”, in Japanese, and The Elevare Empire certainly gives us that, with their wide range of musical genres and artistic styles. They recently uploaded three new videos to their YouTube channel, each with its own flavour.
‘Party’s Right’ reminds us initially of Miley Cyrus’s song, ‘We Can’t Stop’, and lyrically it touches on similar themes. It’s a house music track, with the video as energetic and vibrant as the song itself, and including the lyrics.
‘Telling You Why’ is accompanied by a lyric video, and has an EDM feel to it, with an electronic-sounding vocal. It’s a love song with a twist in that it’s eminently danceable. It has a great bridge at just after the 2 minute mark, that briefly changes the tempo and feel of the song, to a more traditional style love song – before getting back into the dance style again.
Elevare Empire focus on creating fun, happy, and upbeat experiences, with the music and video at the centre. Curator DJ Nomihodai has always believed in releasing only positive uplifting, good vibes, and energy. His strong love for music and high regard for genuine creativity, combined with originality, were two of his prime motivations for establishing Elevare Empire.
The third and final video, ‘Goodtime’, is perhaps the most upbeat, fun, and happy song of the three. With a video featuring lots of smiley, happy children, and a beach, with sun, sea, and sand, it’s a summer party song, reminiscent of artists such as Owl City and They Might Be Giants.
Elevare Empire considers themselves to be an audio visual museum of sorts, and currently their “museum” contains the audio collections of ‘EEM Party Show’, and ‘EEM Party Quad’. You can find Elevare Empire online on their website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course YouTube. All their tracks are available to download from iTunes.

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