It’s a Family Affair With Hero The Band

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Four brothers from Atlanta, Georgia, Hero The Band truly have music in their blood.

Not only do they sing and perform together, but they come from a musical family where their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents all sing and play musical instruments.

Formed in 2008 as Inseparable, the quartet performed their own R&B compositions around Atlanta, in clubs, talent shows and the like. They changed their name in 2010, and their music has evolved into something more akin to pop or rock. In short, Hero The Band are Hero The Band.

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Hero The Band are Nick, Jerramy, Justin, and DJ Barnett. Born within a year of each other, they’re close in age as well as harmony. The band’s debut album, ‘Bleach’, is a 17 track masterpiece with songs ranging in style from dance pop to straight out rock. As can be expected with a band of brothers, the sibling harmonies are close, tight and beautiful, with each bringing their own special something to the mix. Just like many other artists, Hero The Band found their start singing in Church, and this has clearly influenced their professional sound. They all play instruments: guitars, bass, keyboards, drums; and cite their musical influences as including Queen, Cold Play, The Beatles, U2, Prince, Boyz II Men, and the Temptations – among many many others. In short, music has always been their life.

Nick, the youngest brother says,

“We have been around music all of our lives, and we want to make music for the rest of our lives.”

Hero The Band give the credit to Mr Grigsby, their chorus leader, for giving them the motivation to learn music, and to chase that dream of making their music a success.

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They often take their audiences by surprise when they get up on stage and play their instruments.  But that’s just all part of the Hero package.

“Because we write our own lyrics and musical sound, it allows us to express our real emotions and share ourselves with the world”, says Jerramy.

Even their songs don’t stick to the one genre; ‘Rem Deep’ (featuring Kyra Korchak), is part pop, part R&B and a whole lot of rock: the influence of Prince is very clear in this song. ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’, is where their vocals come to the fore. The close harmonies and soaring choruses make the song our favourite of the whole album.

So far as debut albums go, ‘Bleach’ is a mammoth undertaking, with Hero seeking to do more than just provide the world with good music. In their own words:

The meaning behind BLEACH is to disinfect the tainted minds throughout this world and the way humans perceive “LIFE.” In a world where things constantly change and many modern influences threaten the innocence of a brighter future. BLEACH creates a new avenue for those who seek alignment from within.

Do they achieve this? They go some of the way if not all of it. ‘Untamed’, the thirteenth song on the album, is a Temptations-style rock/dance number, with elements of it – harmonic screams for want of a better word – even reminding us of the hair metal bands of the 80s. In fact there’s a lot of 80s about this album, which in our books isn’t a bad thing. ‘Jump’, which follows it, takes this hair metal sound even further, it’s hard rock and glorious.

Justin describes their sound:

“We are not in a box, we don’t have a lead singer. We are just a mixture of different genres of music, like Michael Jackson or Andre 3000.”


Hero The Band can be found online on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube, and their official website. ‘Bleach’ is available through on iTunes and Amazon.  Check out the video for their song, ‘Fool’s Gold’:

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