American Young: We Speak to the Duo Ahead of Their European Tour

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American Young are singer, songwriter and producer Jon Stone, and singer songwriter Kristy Osmunson. Before recording together, the Nashville duo had written hit songs for the likes of Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flats, Blake Shelton, and Lee Brice. Brice produced American Young’s first single, ‘Love Is War’. Their self-titled debut EP is out in March. 

We caught up with American Young ahead of their European tour, which commences 15 March, at London’s Century Club.

EP: What’s the American Young story?   

AY: Jon and I are songwriters who live in Nashville just here to put some real love into the airwaves.

EP: Describe your sound. How does it differ from other groups you’ve been in, for instance, you were with Bomshel for several years and survived a couple of lineup changes Kirsty. What makes this a distinctly different band and not, say, ‘Bomshel Phase 3’? 

AY: This is the first act I’ve stepped away from production and really taken a different approach to this whole project. I show up and say yes to everything. I feel like Jon was me in my last band. He’s really been obsessing over the sonic value for this project. We used our band to cut the record, which I have tried multiple times to do and failed miserably. But this band has found us and we are so blessed at the level of talent that we get to play with every day. Our bass player already won a Grammy 🙂 Just a different talent level. Working with Lee Brice has been a new and awesome thing to be able to do. He’s working with Jon as a co-producer and it’s been so inspiring to hear his voice on this project. Love me some Lee Brice!

EP: You’ve been around for a while in the US and now you’re getting known in Europe – how’s that feel? Did you ever see that happening?

AY: I’ve always enjoyed touring countries outside of the one I live in.It’s the gypsy soul of a musician. Really love to get a feel of what is happening on a global level, so to have the opportunity to travel is absolutely the icing on the cake for me.

EP: What can we expect from you on tour?

AY: Honest and real music. Our show goes to the level that the audience is willing to go with us. So the x factor is the people in the room. It’s what keeps it interesting for all of us 🙂

EP: What’s coming up for American Young in the next year? The next 5?

AY: We just turned in our debut record, so we are excited to see where this music takes us from this project. In five years I would imagine we will be doing about the same thing as we are right now. Down here in Isla Mujeres Mexico doing a benefit for The Little Yellow School House, which is our absolutely favourite charity work we do. It’s the only special needs school here on the island and this benefit is the sole funding that the school gets.

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EP: The music industry is in a state of flux at the moment. What’s your take on all that?

AY: Honestly, I don’t really pay much attention to anything other than what my band is doing. We made our album into a short film. It’s the first of its kind in the country music genre, so we’re really excited to see the reaction that will get. It’s loosely based on our journey through this industry and the idea of music as a commodity and having to fight to keep it our own recipe.

EP: Talk us through your EP. When is it out in the UK? 

AY: It should be coming out March 11 in the UK. It’s our first international release, and we are extremely excited about it. Every song represents who we are.

EP: This question we ask everyone – What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? 

AY: Who is your team? (Let’s be honest. They are absolutely as important as the music.) Todd Thomas and Chase Lauer. I’m going to refer to them henceforth as my bosses. They are the ones behind the lens and the phone.

American Young will be touring with Loveless Effect and Sasha McVeigh. You can catch them at the following:

March 15 – Century Club, LONDON (Time Out Presents)
March 16 – Oran Mor, GLASGOW
March 17 – Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER
March 18th – Hare & Hounds, BIRMINGHAM
March 19 – Little Rabbit Barn, COLCHESTER
March 24th – Melkweg, AMSTERDAM
March 29 – Strom Club, MUNICH
April 1 – Mr Pickwick, GENEVA

Tickets are available now at See Tickets.

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