5to4 ‘Tip It’ With New EP

A writer and psychotherapist from the North of England, Phil Goss sounds an unlikely person to be releasing a electronic EP. ‘Tip It’, however, with its hints of The Buggles and Peter Gabriel, is a thought provoking journey into the subconscious, exploring what it means to be human.

‘Tip It’ is an intriguing EP. Like Peter Gabriel, and The Buggles, it’s intellectual pop, causing us to consult “what lies beneath”. The title track of the 3 song EP implores us:

We are surely uncertain where’s the edge
Curtain calling we are walking nearer the edge
Cast your line, over the edge

Phil’s previous release, the album ‘Dream Diary’ in 2006, explored what it meant to be human in all its depth, including the dreams and imagination. The keyboard-driven ‘Tip It’ continues this journey; Goss’s lyrics are introspective and essentially stream of consciousness musings. Prose put to music.

‘It’s Not That It’s Not’ follows in similar vein; lines like “It’s not that it’s not there anymore, it’s just that the rules have changed” and “We have to leave the washing blowing in the wind” are intriguing word pictures causing the listener to consider what Goss means, to analyse, and therefore take an inward look.

Third track of the EP, ‘Walk’, is an instrumental number, and feels like someone tiptoeing through the woods, being careful where they tread. It’s an interesting idea.

‘5to4’ is a curious blend, a thought provoking meld of psychoanalysis, prog rock and electronica. ‘Tip It’ and ‘It’s Not That It’s Not’ were produced at 80 Hertz Studios, Manchester, by George Atkins. ‘Walk’ was produced by Sam Parkinson, at Stonegate Studios, North Yorkshire. ‘Tip It’ was released on January 12, 2016, and is available to stream from Soundcloud, where you can also sample some of Goss’ other work.

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