Tyto Alba – ‘Between The Lines’


Formed in 2014, Denver indie-rock band Tyto Alba showcased their new and intriguing sound with their self-released EP, Oh Tame One (2015), and now have been working hard to release the bands first of two studio recordings, ‘Between The Lines’, due out on January 1st, 2016.

The new single features Tyto Alba’s blended style of indie rock with the folk finger style guitar and melodic vocals of songwriter/guitarist Melanie Steinway complimented by the heavier influences of her male band mates vocalist/guitarist Matt Rossi, bassist Ryan Self, and drummer Jeremy Van Zandt.

Tyto Alba’s influences draw upon bands ranging from Daughter, Death Cab For Cutie, and Sigur Ros, but their music boasts a unique style of indie rock with hints of punk, alternative, rock, and folk as their appeal toward harder music unintentionally blends with the dreamy and melodic sound of Steinway’s folk and indie background. ‘Between The Lines’ displays a harder alternative sound that is creatively blended with an emotional and dynamic song structure and embellished with extremely catchy vocal and guitar melody parts. This single is only the first of two songs that will be released by Tyto Alba and already I am looking forward to hearing the second single, Lupine Soul, which will be released on January 30th, 2016 with a music video that was filmed and produced by Steinway herself.


As the songwriter of Tyto Alba, Melanie Steinway has a big influence on the band’s sound. But she doesn’t stop there, as she also does a lot of the visual art for the band such as t-shirts, posters, and album artwork. Steinway’s music is also heavily inspired by her profound love for animals and the untamed wilderness and even the band name Tyto Alba, which is the scientific name for barn owls, is inspired by nature.

Tyto Alba self released their debut album, Oh Tame One, in March 2015 and since then have played with notable acts such as Boy & Bear, Widowspeak, and Mimicking Birds. Don’t miss the release of Tyto Alba’s newest single ‘Between The Lines’ due out January 1st 2016. For more music and info about Tyto Alba check out the bands iTunes, website, Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter.

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