Ritual-From The City To The Wilderness

11900011_510921345728177_8170132151492241081_nRitual released their long awaited EP ‘From The City To The Wilderness’ on 23rd October just a day after releasing the final track, ‘Too Deep’, featuring Delilah.

The three piece London band are certainly creating ripples across radio stations with their brand of R&B and appropriately named EP, which generally gives the impression of sitting on the banks of a bubbling brook in the countryside. ‘Too Deep’ is probably the best example of this as the music gives a sensation of melting into soft long grass in the hazy sunshine with the water caressing your feet as you drift off into your own little world.

‘Josephine’ has an enchanting melancholy sentiment which coupled with the serenity the music creates has an amazing analgesic aura that could not fail to soothe the soul. This hypnotic quality is only surpassed by ‘Low Season’ which emulates the ticking of a clock leaving you to visualise a pendulum swinging slowly back and forth.

This type of music as a rule is way out of my comfort zone yet I am extremely at ease with this malcontentment, perhaps a contradiction in terms but it describes the feeling perfectly.

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