Body Of Songs

vIU6QsenA new compilation album called “Body Of Songs” out November 27th 2015 is a groundbreaking album that has brought together Britain’s most talented musicians to create a collection of songs that were inspired by science and the mysterious organs of the human body.  

Each musician has had access to specialists, clinicians, and scientist as well as making observations in the operating theater, meeting with alternative health experts, visiting patients at varying stages of illness, and examining body parts in special museum collections in order to create a composition that reflects their experiences and personal relationship to these mysterious parts of the body.

“Body Of Songs” has brought together some amazing talent that have done a lot of research and study in order to develop some extraordinary music. The artists’ scientific journey were even guided by the help of inspirational clinician , Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance.  Here is a list of the artists and songs to be featured on “Body Of Songs” due out November 27th:


1. Andreya Triana- “Branches Of Life”

2. Dave Okumu- “Grateful Heart”

3. Afrikan Boy ft. Bumi Thomas & Adio- “Eje Aiye”

4. Sam Lee & Llywelyn Ap Myrydn- “Nose Song”

5. Ghostpoet- “A Plateful Of Liver”

6. Mara Carlyle & Max De Wardener- “Follow Me Through”

7. Scruffizer X Utters- “Play, Pause & Remind”

8. Bat For Lashes- “Skin Song”

9. Goldie- “Electric Abyss”

10. Raf- “Ooh Ah Carolina

The album includes a groovy song by Raf called ‘Ooh Ah Carolina’ about what it is like to be an appendix with a great animated video to go along with it and is available to view below. For more info and to get your copy of “Body Of Songs” due out November 27th 2015 visit the website.

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