No ‘Faux Hearts’ Here With New Music From Ave Emi

Bad Only

Ave Emi, from Denver Colorado, is an R&B/Soul artist, who with producing partner Davey Boy, has announced the release of their official debut EP, ‘Faux Hearts’. The first single from the EP, ‘Bad Only’, is out now, and has received great acclaim.

‘Faux Hearts’, a six track EP, blurs the lines between traditional R&B/Hip Hop and what’s known as Trap Soul/OVO sound. ‘Bad Only’ is a sexy, smooth song, with the lyrics weaving in and out of the electronic sounds. The track is smooth and bassy – singing the praises of women who have brains as well as beauty –

“She looks like a model but she don’t model”
“She’s got a masters man, she’s got her shit together”

Second track, ‘Influence’, is slightly more up tempo, with more Hip Hop style nuances. Third song, ‘One Hundred’, is probably the most Pop on the EP, and like all the songs on ‘Faux Hearts’, it deals with the journey through the highs and lows of unrequited love.

‘Faux Hearts’ has been produced by Ave Emi and Davey Boy, and was released on 13 May. You can find Ave Emi online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and his official website. Download ‘Faux Hearts’, and lead track, ‘Bad Only’, from iTunes.

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