Cardboard Hit – ‘Say Yes’ & ‘All The Voices’

11709626_1592989064301910_5335882007483519736_nGarage rock three piece Cardboard Hit, release a pair of singles ‘All The Voices’ and ‘Say Yes’, featuring hard pounding, riff heavy, rhythmic rock tunes that are raw and stripped down to their bare essentials.

Both songs have a heavy riff rock vibe that bring to mind bands such as ‘Rage Against The Machine’ and ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’ yet have rock vocals and harmonies that are unique, original, and keep true to the raw garage sound.
11403408_1599142713686545_7477732568383372284_n‘Say Yes’ is a hard pumping tune with a classic hard rock riff played by guitarist, Lee Hayes, and drummer, Matt Rouse, in the beginning and chorus parts that are embellished by the flashy and catchy raw vocals of bass player and lead singer Ross Towner. ‘All The Voices’ is another hard pumping tune that has many creative changes and unique vocal harmonies that give it a new and original quality.

Cardboard Hit recently signed to Big Village Records in March and have been getting great coverage of their two new singles that were released this month as well as airplay on BBC Radio. To find music and learn more about Cardboard Hit and their new singles check out the bands website, iTunes, music glue, and Facebook.


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