Soft Picasso – What’s To Become of Us

IMG_5138Recorded in a bedroom in Liverpool and armed with guitar, bass, keyboard, and a drum machine a new EP is born, called ‘What’s To Become Of Us’, from the recently formed duo, Soft Picasso. Soft Picasso, whom got their name from a Vic Chestnut tune, performed for the first time at a friends wedding and since then the duo have sparked an exciting new musical relationship.With the basic foundation and songwriting of Soft Picasso starting with Nik Kavanagh, former bassist with John Peel session regulars Ella Guru, and the accomplished singer Clare Jones, whom is founding member of the capella trio Barbieshop, the songs take on an ethereal and harmonious form.

Being that the EP was recorded in a bedroom in Liverpool, the instruments and arrangements are simple and stripped down but, with the amazing lyrics and vocal harmonies that Soft Picasso possess on this EP, there really is no need to ask for anything more.

When I first listened to the EP, ‘What’s To Become Of Us’, and noticed it simplistic electronic drum samples I was instantly reminded of the great music I personally enjoy from the duo, Beach House. Much like Beach House and their simplistic songwriting approach, the lo-fi and quirky arrangements seem to be the perfect fit to the folk style storytelling of Nik Kavanagh’s lyrics. Add on top of this the lush and warm textured harmonies of Clare’s outstanding vocals and the songs take the listener on a mood swaying musical journey.

Nik Kavanagh explains his experience while working on the EP, ‘What’s To Become Of Us’ stating,

“These songs are like postcards to myself, moments of time that I don’t want to lose. What started out as sketches on an acoustic guitar really came to life during the recording and Clare brought a little bit of magic to the songs.”

‘Blue Eyed Boy’ starts off the EP with its bouncy upbeat tone that breathes a sense of hope into the listener with its giddy and poppy melodies. Then getting back to a more serious and somber tone the next song, ‘For Your Own’ takes a trip into love lost and heartache with heartfelt lyrics and a darker tone.

The next song ‘Rebel Pavements’ continues with the duo’s somber style and has a great vocal line stating, “As you fall to the floor and you sing down low: heart made of stone”.  The song ‘Wrong Type Of Night’, is a wonderful upbeat song that gets back to the quirky style drums and head bopping tunes the EP began with.

Featuring songs of love, loss, and hope, the debut EP from Soft Picasso, ‘What’s To Become Of Us’, is worth checking out.  The EP will be officially released in August 2015 and you can get the latest music and info on Twitter and through Blue Soap Music.


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Brandon currently makes music in his home recording studio with the band Puzzled Eyes. When he is not making and recording music, he enjoys creative writing and listening to new undiscovered music. Brandon brings a great non-European perspective to EP, and has recently started doing interviews. You can find him and Puzzled Eyes on Facebook. Puzzled Eyes is also on YouTube.

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