Willi.M Blake – ‘Buy Any Means’

Willi.M Blake is a multi-faceted artist from Woodbridge, Virginia. He has a distinct, clear voice, which he lays over futuristic backdrops, while maintaining an old skool appeal. Willi’s latest release, ‘Buy Any Means’, is from his yet to be released, ‘ZCKRBRG’ album.

Blake takes a multi-dimensional approach to his music, and this is seen in the naming of his upcoming album, ‘ZCKRBRG’. Instantly we recognise it as the name of Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, but looking deeper, it’s also a reference to the German word for sugar – Zucker – and hill, city, or mountain. Picture a mountain made from sweet, sweet sugar: huge, enticing; just like a certain, addictive social media platform.

Blake’s lyrics reflect his own life experiences, he narrates his humble start and the struggles both he and his family have experienced growing up. He’s the son of a jazz/funk player, and so therefore music has always been a part of his life. He has closen to be a voice for the less fortunate, and hopes that by listening and being inspired by him, they too can rise up and become more in their lives.

The video for ‘Buy Any Means’ shows Blake and others roaming about a dark alleyway, deserted and desolate. Willi raps while his brother looks on. His style blends underground and commercial styles – as he describes, “conscious commercial”. It’s a catchy rap song with lyrics talking about the real issues in our world, from the effects of alcohol, to the dangers of social media. Willi cautions people not to fall into the trap of social media, and to protect their personal lives and information.

Find out more about Willi.M Blake online on his official website.


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