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Lunar Twin’s new spacey electro-ambient EP will take your mind on a trip and leave you dancing on the moon. The new self-titled EP from Lunar Twin features two newly edited tracks, ‘Champagne’ and ‘Metroplex’, along with several amazing remixes of the indie electronic track ‘Champagne’.

‘Champagne’ is a great spacey track with a lot of ethereal synth and piano sounds and vocals that gets bounced around in the speakers with a great stereo delay effect.  The tune has a very cinematic and dreamy sound.  “It’s like a soundtrack for a human’s quest to be free from boundaries and connect with oneself,” explains the vocalist and lyricist, Bryce Boudreau.

The impression I got from this track is that it was like Massive Attack meets Nick Cave, and both on some spaced out trip.  I personally found the Mushrooms Project Remix very interesting, with a great beat sequence in the intro, a lot of stereo action, and a little bit of everything packed in an over 11 minute song.

‘Metroplex’ is a great rhythmic track that has a bit more intensity and deals with connecting with people in an anonymous city.  The track is reminiscent of synth pop artists such as Human League and Gary Numan. Producer and instrumentalist of the duo, Chris Murphy explains, “It’s much like the rhythm of a mega city where you get lost, but where you’re also never alone.”

Lunar Twin 1The duo has a unique musical arrangement as the instruments and vocals are done in two completely different time zones.  The music was recorded and done in the high desert of Salt Lake City, USA, by Chris and the vocals were recorded in a Hawaiian rainforest by Bryce.

After meeting at an underground music festival in 2011 they became inspired to work together and since 2013 have been putting out some chill sounding music.

The new EP also features so many more great remixes of the cinematically flowing track, ‘Champagne’.  Here is the EP’s track list:

1) Champagne (Grand Cru Edit)

2) Champagne (Woolfy Remix)

3) Champagne (Haioka Remix)

4) Champagne (Ummagma Remix)

5) Champagne (Romin Remix)

6) Champagne (Statickman Remix)

7) Champagne (Mushrooms Project Remix)

8) Champagne (Go Satta Remix)

9) Metroplex (Berlin Edit)

The ‘Champagne’ (Remixes) are available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon and will be streamable through Spotify, Rdio, etc.  The original Lunar Twin EP is also available on Bandcamp.

Also for the latest info and music visit their website  or any media site such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


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