Fred Abbott – Adrenaline Shot


Fred Abbott, known for having played guitars and keyboards in the recently-disbanded Noah and the Whale, releases his first solo album on 20th July. Here’s a taste of what’s to come: the lead single ‘Adrenaline Shot’.

The title is certainly appropriate. This is an energetic, blood-pumping track. All kinds of images come up listening to this: speeding along the highway with the wind in your hair, bustling diners full of teenage dreams, rebels without a cause, you name it. Bruce Springsteen comes to mind. What you’re getting here is not only a shot of adrenaline, but of all-American nostalgia.

As well as Abbott’s voice and his enthusiasm shining through the optimistic lyrics, the instrumentation (on which Abbott’s been lent a hand by his former Noah and the Whale bandmates) gives this track its energy. Rhythm guitar imbues it with constant motion; the guitar solo sends it flying; punchy piano brightens it up at the close. The result is uplifting and passionate: the perfect anthem for the summer months.

Fred Abbott’s first solo album, ‘Serious Poke’, can be pre-ordered from Lojinx here. You can also pick up another of his tracks, ‘Funny How Good It Feels’, as a free download.

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