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Shark Tape is the newest sensation in the US, writing catchy indie rock songs that groove with relentless energy and enthrall the listener with their unique approach to each song.

The three-piece from Philadelphia, Shark Tape, is bringing their vibrant indie pop punk style to the UK with the release of their newest album ‘Marathon’ which is due out on June 15th. The band consists of Niles Weiss on guitar, Dylan Mulachy on drums, and Stephen Lorek on bass and vocals.

All three members have been involved in their local music scene since 2007 under various project names and in 2012 they evolved into their current band name, Shark Tape, and eventually released two EP’s, the self-titled ‘Shark Tape’ and ‘Eyes On You’. Both got a great response in the US and it is no wonder with their amazing ability to write original yet catchy indie rock tunes.


Their newest album, ‘Marathon’, is very well put together with an eclectic mix of songs, catchy rock riffs, and vocals that wonderfully compliment each track. The first track ‘Bronco’ gets the album pumping right away with the opening guitar riff that reminded me of songs by the old school punk band Buzzcocks.

This song is more of their pop punk side of the band and I really like the energy and lyrics that it brings to the opening of the album as it gives the listener a good take of what they are going to experience out of Shark Tape’s music. The next song ‘Marathon’ is very catchy and shows off more of the bands classic rock and pop style of songwriting with a sound that is very familiar to the classic rock band, Cheap Trick. I found that I myself always had this song stuck in my head after each time I listened to the whole album, which is OK because it is such a good track, but if your like me and appreciate good b-sides, then the album will also show you plenty of that as well.

I would suggest listening to track six, ‘Neverlast’, which has well written lyrics and a great bass line that gives the song a bouncing groove. Every track from track six to the end of the album I really loved. The next song ‘Black Panther’ has a Ramones sound to it making you want jump out of your seat and start pogoing.

After that, the song ‘Runaway’ has a great surf rock guitar that keeps the vintage indie rock nostalgia of the album. Then the song ‘Silly Things’, which has a more acoustic guitar sound, has great lyrics that ask, “Why do we do silly things? And what the f*#@ is love?” The last song closes the album out with a great acoustic song called, ‘Dying To Know’, which has a sound that is similar to the Violent Femmes and lends a perfect closing out to the eleven song album.

With a unique blend of styles and an abundance of great songs, ‘Marathon’ by Shark Tape is an album you don’t want to miss out on. To get the latest news and purchase Shark Tape’s music visit any social media site such as iTunes , Bandcamp , Facebook , and Twitter or visit the Shark Tape website.


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