New Release: ‘Follow The Rules Of The Trainwreck’ by Toyface

Toyface 3

Bristol based duo Tamsyn and James, formed their duo, “Toyface” after a chance encounter on a truck, in which Tamsyn had hitched a lift on her way home from Secret Garden Party festival. 

The pair quickly formed a close bond, eventually playing the same festival together after telling the organisers their story. 

The duo have been described as a cross between Laura Marling and Billie Holliday and are now set to release their first album, thanks to a dedicated fan who made a huge contribution in crowd-funding. 

Debut album ‘Follow The Rules Of The Trainwreck’, due for release on May 18th, is a varied collection of 11 songs, with strong jazz and cinematic leanings. It’s a work of thought-provoking originality. 

Tamsyn, whose lyrical style shows her ability to speak honestly about the common human experience, is quoted as saying the album: “charts a process of experiencing, coping with, and the eventual resolution of, existential angst that I went through in my early 20s”; by way of heartbreak, physical insecurity and complex family ties.”

‘Follow The Rules Of The Trainwreck’ by Toyface is due for release on May 18th.

Toyface will be performing live on May 17th at The Magic Garden, Battersea, London details Here.

For further information about Toyface, visit their Facebook page. 

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