Introducing: Panic Island

panic island2 Panic Island are an up and coming songwriting duo from North London, consisting of members Arron Sans and Vinnie Shimia. The pair first met in Spain in 2012 at a gig by The Cult, and clicked straight away, sharing  a passion for hi-energy performance, catchy songs and guitar hooks. 

Arron, a born performer, first took up acting, and film production, before settling on music and song writing. This proved to be the natural outlet for his creative concepts and poetically cryptic lyrics, along with his passion and intensity. 

Vinnie, who has played guitar since the age of 13, moved to London from Brazil, to escape the discipline of a traditional home and pursue his musical ambitions. Intricate guitar arrangements and textures are crucial to his writing, whilst his performances are full of rock ‘n’ roll attitude and charisma.

Arron discribes Panic Island as being, 

“…the place within us all that holds the deepest, darkest, emotions. It is filled with conflict between our dreams and personal demons. We are always running from this place, no one wants to be there, it is the catalyst that keeps us moving and creating. We cannot escape it and if we stand still for too long, it will consume us!” 

The pair, who were described by Q Magazine as being as “slick as a Josh Homme quiff and as spangly as The Killers’ pure-Vegas glitz…” are now ready to release their debut EP ‘Cabin Fever’ on the 18th May. 

‘Cabin Fever’ which is described as being a mix of “heartfelt angst with anger and frustration”, was produced Paul Tipler, who has previously worked with Idlewild and The Horrors. A feast of uplifting anthems, Cabin Fever is original, and hard to categorise, whist being honest and wholly unpretentious. We think it’s definitely worth a listen. 

‘Cabin Fever’ by Panic Island is due to be released on 18th May.

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Watch ‘Temples’ the debut video from Panic Island here:


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Two kidney transplants later, she still enjoys all kinds of writing, including poetry, and has had several poems published in various magazines and anthologies. She likes needlecraft, is big on animal rights and loves discovering brilliant new artists that the main stream media may have overlooked.

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