Introducing: The Very Flamboyant King Charles

King CharlesIs the music world missing big male personas these days? There doesn’t seem to be any more Adam Ants or Ziggy Stardusts – is there an equivalent these days?

Perhaps not quite an equivalent but an artist I really like just now is a fantastically flamboyant character who is as large as life with the same level of brilliant talent to back it up is King Charles.

Born Charles Costa, King Charles is a singer-songwriter from West London. I’m not entirely sure how much of his character has been created and how much is actually Charles himself.

From his wild hair and wickedly waxed moustache right down to his English dandy/cavalier/pirate fashion choices – his styling is fab!

What about his music? Well, after looking at him it sounds exactly as you would expect it to. The term “psychedelic acoustica” has been used previously to describe his sound.

What I love is that all the songs from his debut album “LoveBlood” tell a story and the accompanying videos bring the story to the screen.

Take “Lady Percy” for example – I really hope she does go to one of his shows because she sounds wicked!

King Charles certainly knows how to romance the ladies as “Love Lust” demonstrates.

It certainly seems that “Mississippi Isabel” is the one that got away…

These ladies seems to be messing with his mind and he appears to let his frustration show in “Bam Bam”.

There are so many other great songs on the album but as well as that he as also recorded an updated version of Billy Joel’sWe Didn’t Start The Fire“.

He recently posted on his Facebook page:

“As you’ve probably realised, it’s been a while since I released any music to you all.
To keep you up to date, I’m finishing my 2nd album in the first few days of the new year.
I’m also very excited to announce that it’s being produced by the mighty Marcus Mumford.
For Christmas I want to give you a live version of ‘Carry me away’ one of the tracks off the new album. Here’s the link to the video. Enjoy & Merry Christmas

So, here’s that video and I am really looking forward to the 2nd album and strongly recommend you have a listen!


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