Introducing: Phil Webster – A Man With A Mission

Phil Webster

Phil Webster is a singer/songwriter from Shipley, in West Yorkshire. Phil started his musical journey as a young child banging away on a plastic guitar. By age 20, he was entertaining audiences in the local pubs around Halifax, Bradford and Huddersfield. But, as in a lot of cases, the need to earn a steady income, forced him into a regular job in engineering, 

By 2001, Phil decided it was time to take his songwriting a little more seriously, as he made the decision to join the “Serious Writer’s Guild”, which is owned and co-ordinated by Dec Cluskey, from the Irish music group, The Bachelors.

Dec was so impressed by Phil’s work that he decided take him under his wing and become his manager, a position he maintained for nine years.

Dec’s advice and counselling proved invaluable, and enabled Phil to make the connections he needed to advance in the industry, with interest being shown in Asia and Europe alike, most notably by Eliot Kennedy, who is known for writing with Gary Barlow.

Sadly, at the age of 32, Phil was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, something that could have put a stop to his burgeoning career. Phil was not to be defeated however, and set himself a mission to prove that adversity needn’t be a barrier or deterrent. His motto being:

”I have it…it doesn’t have me.”

And that unstoppable attitude has proven to have stood Phil in good stead, as he is now about see his debut single ‘Bitter Sweet’, released by Wobbly Music in December this year. And the success doesn’t end there, as another of Phil’s tracks, ‘You Stopped The World’, has now been recorded by former American X Factor Contestant and rising star, Tora Woloshin.

With an amazing talent for songwriting and a great vocal that’s very easy on the ear, this success is long overdue. We feel Phil Webster has an amazing future ahead of him. 

‘Bitter Sweet’, by Phil Webster is due for release in December, but  you can hear a preview on ReverbNation.

You can also check out Phil’s music on Soundcloud.

Phil is in the process of updating his website and social media, please check back for further details.

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Having spent her formative years in the Mod scene, she has a lot of love for the 60’s...and the music of the Mod Father, Mr Paul Weller.

Juliet has always loved to write and began training to be a journalist, before ill health caused her to put her life on hold.

Two kidney transplants later, she still enjoys all kinds of writing, including poetry, and has had several poems published in various magazines and anthologies. She likes needlecraft, is big on animal rights and loves discovering brilliant new artists that the main stream media may have overlooked.

Last, but by no means least, she has a lot of love for two very talented Irish twins, you may know them as Jedward :)

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