Dylan Tauber Releases ‘Dolphin Swim Remix (ft Enlia)’ From New Album ‘Dolphin Trance 2’

Israel-based Electronica artist, Dylan Tauber, has released his tenth album, ‘Dolphin Trance 2’. With a sound like Enigma, and Deep Forest, it’s the follow up to his 2015 album, ‘Dolphin Trance’.

The award winning electronic musician, artist, and author, has been producing music, artwork and writing since 1996, in a career which started with the very ambitious ‘Double Mirrors’ in 1996. The album included a book, soundtrack, video slideshows, and a companion website.

‘Dolphin Trance 2’ is an ambient, ethereal album of 11 tracks, 8 of which feature the mystical-sounding vocals of Enlia. Trancelike and gossamery, the album also features whale and dolphin sounds, conveying a calming and serene feeling to the listener. ‘Dolphin Swim Remix (ft Enlia)’ is an upbeat remix of Tauber’s track, ‘Dolphin Swim’ and turns the new age track into a club-ready dance number.

In addition to his nine studio albums, Dylan has a network of fourteen websites, including an online imaging/photo gallery, and a video archive. The collective of sites has reached over 2.3 million hits since its inception in 1996.

He has also published two books in 2001, and two ebooks in 2013. Additionally, Dylan published a book of photography and digital art in 2005.

Find Dylan Tauber online on his official website, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Also check out Son Of Waves Studio’s website.

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