ThatKid_AfricanFanta Demonstrates Her Ice-Cold Focus On Debut Single, ‘Been A Minute’

Released on May 26, ‘Been A Minute’ is the debut single from London-based rapper, ThatKid_AfricanFanta. The track, which fuses gorgeous melodies with hard-hitting bars, reflects the conflict between what she was able express at home and what she was taught at home, as a first-generation UK born child in a home of Congolese heritage.

‘Been A Minute’ came about when ThatKid_AfricanFanta was in the studio testing beats with her manager. She stumbled across a beat which she really enjoyed, and described it as “sounding different and fresh to anything I’ve ever done”. The beat provided her inspiration for her song, and her London accent, and lines like, “hit it out the park like I’m a pro in cricket”, show how strongly she feels about her Britishness.

At the same time, ThatKid_AfricanFanta is very proud of her Congolese heritage. Hence the dichotomy.

“A big part of Congolese culture is family, music, and fashion. When you fuse that and the Urban London streetwear culture and music, you get ThatKid_AfricanFanta.”

ThatKid_AfricanFanta tackles taboo subjects with her songwriting, covering such sensitive topics as neglect, growing up in a single-parent household, and feelings of isolation. With her words and music, it’s ThatKid_AfricanFanta’s mission to give a voice to those who have also experienced the clash of cultures growing up, and she says:

“My cultures are incorporated in my name. I could have been ‘AfricanFanta’ or simply ‘ThatKid.’ I could’ve put a spotlight on one of my cultures, however, I am all of them. I represent multiple places. I am a third-culture kid, and that comes with me wherever I go. That makes me, I am ThatKid_AfricanFanta.”

‘Been A Minute’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here. You can find out more about ThatKid_AfricanFanta and her music online on Instagram.

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