Here In My Heart

Every UK Number One Song: Here In My Heart

Photo of Al Martino

I have a playlist that contains every UK number one song since charts began in 1952.

Thanks to EveryHit, this is a fairly simple process. Let’s start the epic task of reminding ourselves of these songs…

The UK singles chart, as we know it, started on the 15th November 1952. Previous to this any number ones were based on sheet music sold (yeah, I know right).

The first ever number one was “Here In My Heart” by Al Martino and entered the charts on 15th November 1952. It remained at number one for 9 weeks.

This song is easy listening, big band swing at it’s best. What a voice! I try to imagine how much simpler life was back when this was number one.

Nice one Al!

OMG – Pft me…


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