Under Pressure: Jedward Consider Re-Recording ‘Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)’ And Appeal To Vanilla Ice To Join Them Ahead Of New Single ‘Taste The Heat’

If you’ve missed the recent drama over Jedward’s debut single, ‘Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)’, then we’ll quickly bring you up to speed. Last Friday Jedward were made aware that their debut single had been removed from Spotify and all other streaming media, and not only that, the music video, along with its more than 6 million views, had also disappeared. The single, which had been their only release under the Sony label back in 2010, just happened to vanish at the same time as Simon Cowell stepped down from Syco Music. Coincidence? Well Jedward certainly don’t think so!

Premiere: Britain’s Got Talent Alumni Jack and Tim Release New Single ‘The Lucky Ones’

Father and Son duo Jack and Tim stole the nations heart when they performed their uplifting original song on Britain’s Got Talent last year, and it was this performance that compelled Simon to press the infamous Golden Buzzer and catapult this pair straight to the quarter finals. After much public demand, Jack and Tim have now decided to release their BGT wonder track ‘The Lucky Ones’.