Thomas Gold’s ‘Get Up’ Has Arrived On Universal

Striking a fine balance between a dance and pop record right now is Thomas Gold and Eagle-Eye Cherry’s ‘Get Up’. The producer behind ‘Begin Again’ has worked with the Grammy winning singer to create something hugely satisfying – we’re hooked!

Nick Talos And Adam Trigger Delight With ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’

We’re tuned into and loving the new single from Nick Talos and Adam Trigger. Both producers are signed with Universal and release ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ through the German division of the label.

LO Makes Another Outing With ‘Know You Better’

German electronic producer and artist LO brings out his newest record this week. The downtempo, super chilled beats of ‘Know You Better’ are easing us into Tuesday in the best possible way, and this one drops through 2DEX.

ESAE’s New Single Arrives Through COED Records

Newly released via COED Records is the sweetly touching ‘trying’ from ESAE. The producer, singer and songwriter has honed her sound after teaching herself to write and follows on from the well-received ‘a car going nowhere’.

Anthony Dircson & ZAY ‘Do It For Free’

A.N.T Records, the new label established by Anthony Dircson, has just released his latest record. The gripping ‘Do It For Free’ is a bold statement on going against the grain, and Dircson has produced it alongside the incredibly talented Arab pop singer Zay.

LO Has Created A Gem With ‘Safari’

We’ve just been alerted to the brand new release from LO, out now through 2DEX. The label has had some solid works out of late, and LO’s ‘Safari’ joins that growing list. He has collaborated with the vocalist Emma Elizabeth on this electronic/pop treat, and we’re keeping it firmly on repeat.

Martin Mix & NVCTS Bring End Of Summer Feels

2-Dutch have supplied us with a melodic treat in the form of ‘The Floor Is The Ceiling’, which has been co-produced by Germany’s Martin Mix and NVCTS.

Eric Paslay Is About To Head On Tour

The Grammy nominated country singer and songwriter Eric Paslay is about to head out on a special run of shows titled the Nice Guy Tour. Just before he heads out to Australia, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scandinavia and the UK, he has spilled news of the Live In Glasgow LP, which was recorded on the road last summer.

Minus Manus Shines With Solo Cut ‘I Love This Club’

We’re hooked on the funky new single from Minus Manus this week, a highly successful Norwegian producer who is behind hits from the likes of Marcus & Martinus and Alan Walker (‘Sing Me To Sleep’ and ‘Different World’).

Absent Mind Releases Indie Delight From Color The Night

Out now through London label Absent Mind is the electrifyingly soulful ‘Take Me Home Boy’ from Color The Night. After a highly successful 2018 (gaining over 100,000 streams for their debut ‘Eyes Off You’), the pop/indie/disco outfit is back for more.

John Dredge & The Plinths Drop Single From Forthcoming EP

Out now and lifted from their new EP titled Plinthsmania is the punchy ‘Idiots Run The World’ from John Dredge and The Plinths. Coming after their debut collection titled Emergency and the catchy ‘Pancake Day’, the guys are sounding sharp with this one.

Emily Roberts – ‘In This Together’

Out now via RCA is the feelgood summer pop delight ‘In This Together’ from Emily Roberts. The Berlin based songwriter and vocalist has put together her latest track with some help from Pyke & Muñoz and Stengaard, who give this single some neat musicality and electronic groove.