Martin Mix & NVCTS Bring End Of Summer Feels

2-Dutch have supplied us with a melodic treat in the form of ‘The Floor Is The Ceiling’, which has been co-produced by Germany’s Martin Mix and NVCTS.

They draw on the work of artists like Tujamo and Robin Schulz as inspiration, and have made something brimming with dynamic flow and popping beats.

It’s got us ready for another run at summer, with Martin Mix explaining:

“It was created last winter and the longing for summer and warmth is reflected in it. We were looking for a good catchy vocal and turned to a female singer, who wrote and sang a great topline for us.

Together with a good-mood melody we are happy to have the release in September, because the song not only beautifies the rest of the summer, but also brings us through autumn and winter in good spirits. It’s a cool, commercial dance pop record.”

Give it a listen on the stream below.

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