Engelbert Humperdinck Releases New EP, ‘Sentiments’

As the world buckled down with COVID-19, iconic vocalist Engelbert Humperdinck had to adjust to the shifting restrictions provided by the pandemic. With his 2020 worldwide tour cancelled, Engelbert insisted on getting new music to his myriad of fans who were upset about missing the “King of Romance” do his thing. In lieu of the tour, he opted to use his time off the road to record ‘Sentiments’, a new EP out now via OK! Good Records.

Don’t Let The Old Man In: We Speak With Engelbert Humperdinck About His Life, His Music, And Upcoming Concert At The London Palladium

Show business is a fickle industry that would try and tell us that musical artists are only as good as their last song, that fame is fleeting, they have a sell-by date. So if you’ve managed to forge a career for 10 years, you own the right to call yourself a star; 20 years you’re a bona fide legend – 30 years – you’re immortal. If you somehow are able to transcend that, then you become the sort of person whose name is mentioned with a quiet awe – like some mythical being whose due reverence is more than warranted, it’s demanded.

Engelbert Humperdinck Brings Us An Early Christmas Gift With ‘Warmest Christmas Wishes’

It seems a little bit ridiculous to be reviewing Christmas albums in October, but given that it’s snowed in parts of the UK over the weekend, perhaps it’s exactly the right time. It certainly felt like Christmas when I was reviewing Engelbert Humperdinck’s new seasonable album, ‘Warmest Christmas Wishes’, The Hump’s first Christmas album in almost forty years. The new release is set to come out on November 16.