KC – ‘Zero Gravity’

Influenced by the likes of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, KC started playing guitar and piano from an early age, and at the age of 16 he taught himself how to use music writing software, setting himself on a path to become his career a professional musician. Always different, KC uses his imagination to empower all races, genders, and orientations, with every track and video telling a story. He’s set to release his debut EP, ‘Hyperion’, with the first track, ‘Zero Gravity’. The EP is a collection of songs illustrating his journey of self-discovery and self-love. ‘Zero Gravity’ takes a look into the darkness, space, and harmonies that KC creates.

Feyer – ‘Stuck in a Video Game’

Born and raised in New York and performing as Feyer, Andrew Feyer has had a long past with music, having started with piano lessons before moving onto songwriting, and playing with various bands. He started recording and producing in his bedroom, where he developed his own style, and, in addition to working with other musicians, he also scores for film and video games. Feyer’s style is difficult to classify, but the hey elements are theatrical lyrics, electronic rock production, and a merging of futuristic and retro sounds. His latest track, ‘Stuck In A Video Game’ is accompanied by a music video which has been produced and animated by Aqueous Animation.

Swimming Bell – ‘1988’

Swimming Bell is the project of Katie Schottland. The Brooklyn-based folk singer broke her foot in 2015, and her imposed inactivity led her to write music. She writes by ear, having no formal musical training, and learned some basic chords from a chord sheet she printed out in order to work out how to play Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon’. From these gentle beginnings, she launched her debut EP, ‘The Golden Heart’, in October 2017, which was met with critical acclaim.

Populuxe’s ‘Lumiere’ Has Sexy David Bowie Vibes

According to Wikipedia, “Populuxe” was a consumer culture and aesthetic in the USA in the 1950s and 1960s, with the term being a combination of “popular” and “luxury”. It’s a particularly apt name for the modern-art trio from Brooklyn, New York, who constantly find ways to reinvent themselves, with each new release. Their latest album, ‘Lumiere’, released last year, is a lush, aesthetically pleasing, mash-up of sounds akin to that of Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Hunt Sales Memorial – ‘One Day’ And ‘Angel Of Darkness’

Hunt Sales has grown up in show business. He’s the son of legendary comedian and actor, Soupy Sales, and he’s played drums on stage since he was a teenager. He’s collaborated with the likes of Iggy Pop – he played drums on ‘Lust For Life’, and Todd Rundgren’s Top 20 classic, ‘We Gotta Get You A Woman’. He’s played with Bootsy Collins, and was one of the founding members of 80s experimental band, Tin Machine, which was fronted by David Bowie.