Take A Preview Into SODA BLONDE’s Upcoming Second Album

One of the biggest names in the Irish alt-pop scene, Soda Blonde have been rising up the Emerald Isle charts for some time now. The group’s highly acclaimed 2021 full-length debut release, ‘Small Talk’, has gained millions of streams across multiple platforms, and has established the group as one of the best in the scene in the wake of the dissolution of Little Green Cars, the group’s chart-topping precursor. Soon, with the release of ‘Dream Big’, coming in September, the group are set to shoot even further up the charts.

BLACKPINK Release First Song Since Chart-Breaking Album ‘Born Pink’

Today, South Korean k-pop girl group BLACKPINK released their first song of 2023 so far – the hypnotic new single, titled ‘The Girls’. Following up the critical acclaim and success of ‘Born Pink’ would be a near-impossible task for anyone else, but if there’s any group that makes the impossible possible, then BLACKPINK fit that definition perfectly. The new single demonstrates exactly what’s made the group so successful over the past few years.

The Jonas Brothers Cover Deluxe Edition Of Switchfoot’s ‘The Beautiful Letdown’

Earlier this month, on August 4th, Switchfoot announced a deluxe edition of ‘The Beautiful Letdown’, with a wide variety of famous guests covering their songs, including the Jonas Brothers covering the title track. Compared to the original 11-track 2003 release, this 20th anniversary edition will feature 25 tracks, with covers, remasters, rewrites, etc. making up the brilliant commemorative album.

James Blunt Set To Tour For ‘Who We Used To Be’

Internationally renowned pop rock artist James Blunt has announced an accompanying tour for his upcoming seventh album, titled ‘Who We Used To Be’, which was announced on August 2nd. His first full-length release since 2019’s ‘Once Upon A Mind’, which hit #3 on the UK Albums chart, the album has been one of the most highly anticipated releases of the still-young decade – and the leap year tour is equally anticipated, with the rare opportunity to see one of the best selling artists of the 2000s/10s in person.

Akon Set To Release Latest EP Tomorrow

Legendary American recording artist Akon has announced his latest EP, titled ‘Afro Freak EP’, which was to be releasing in two days – now, with a day left until the eight-track release hits digital and physical shelves, we can take a further look into what it might be like, and some of the history not only behind the EP itself (which stems back to a previous EP, titled ‘TT Freak’), but the legend who made it as well.

OMD Are Back For The First Time In Over Half A Decade

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark have announced their first full-length project since 2017’s ‘The Punishment of Luxury’ – the October 2023 release of ‘Bauhaus Staircase’. Andy McCluskey’s internationally renowned four-man crew have had a re-rise to prominence in the last decade, with the aforementioned 2017 release of ‘The Punishment of Luxury’ topping the UK’s Independent Chart. Now, six years later, ‘Bauhaus Staircase’ is set to be their most anticipated release since the group’s 2010 reunion album, ‘History of Modern’.

Ringo Starr Announces Latest EP, ‘Rewind Forward’

Ringo Starr has announced details for his upcoming EP, ‘Rewind Forward’, set for release later this year. The new project is Starr’s fourth EP release in the last three years, and his first since ‘EP3’ in September 2022. The legendary artist worked with musicians such as long-time friend Paul McCartney and his own All Starr band to produce the new project, which releases October 13th on digital, cassette, CD and vinyl.

#14YearsOfJedward: Extraordinary Irish Superstar Pop Artists Continue Soaring In Their Career

It’s incredible to think that this day 14 years ago was the first time John and Edward Grimes had walked onto a stage, at their audition, in Glasgow, for X Factor. Since then, Jedward have achieved so much that it’s very difficult to sum it all up in a few paragraphs – but we’re still going to try.

The Ultimate Series of ‘Top Boy’ Slated To Release September 7th On Netflix

The third segment of the brilliant Netflix revival series, ‘Top Boy’, has become one of the most anticipated projects in the streaming platform’s history. Featuring production from entertainment stars such as Drake and LeBron James, the first and second series of the Netflix reboot gained critical acclaim for not only their gritty, realistic portrayal of fictional East London estate Summerhouse, but also their brilliant soundtracks. Now, the third series seeks to wrap up all the loose ends and create a thrilling conclusion to one of Netflix’s best shows.

Rising Pop Star Chelsea Collins Releases ‘THE LOST FILES’ EP

Last week, on the 18th of August, emergent American pop star Chelsea Collins released her latest work, the three-track EP titled ‘THE LOST FILES’. The new project features an all new track in ‘There U Go (Bye Bye!)’, a three-minute song/video bidding farewell to an ex-boyfriend (featuring Elon Musk), and two previously released songs in ‘ANGEL’ and ‘WHEN U WERE PSYCHO’.

Here At Last Top The iTunes Chart With ‘EP1’

TikTok superstar boy band Here At Last have released their debut EP, the aptly named 8-track project titled ‘EP1’. Featuring both a mix of previous singles and all-new tracks, the debut project topped the iTunes charts, despite being released independently. This newfound independent success comes due to the band’s so-called ‘HALO Army’ – their massive fan base, which mostly comes from TikTok, where they have millions of followers.

Canadian-Nigerian Rapper DAX Releases ‘What Is Life?’

Last week, Canadian-Nigerian rapper and recording artist DAX released his latest work, the EP ‘What Is Life?’, across streaming platforms. Following up the success of his 2022 single ‘Dear Alcohol’, which became platinum-certified, and the release of ‘God’s Eyes’, the seven-track EP encompasses a wide variety of topics DAX has had experience with over the past couple years – including the titular question about life.