From Dorm Rooms to TikTok Fame: How Pop Culture is Shaping Student Life

TikTok has emerged as a cultural phenomenon in today’s digital age, significantly impacting various aspects of our lives, especially among students. This article delves into how TikTok, originating from the confines of dorm rooms, has become a powerhouse in shaping student life and pop culture. We’ll explore the multifaceted influence of this social media platform, from fashion trends to educational content, and how it’s redefining student engagement aspects of this transformation, exploring how pop culture influences student life today.

Here At Last Top The iTunes Chart With ‘EP1’

TikTok superstar boy band Here At Last have released their debut EP, the aptly named 8-track project titled ‘EP1’. Featuring both a mix of previous singles and all-new tracks, the debut project topped the iTunes charts, despite being released independently. This newfound independent success comes due to the band’s so-called ‘HALO Army’ – their massive fan base, which mostly comes from TikTok, where they have millions of followers.