Tears Getting Sober: Bulgaria’s 2020 Eurovision Entry Victoria Speaks To EP Ahead Of Live Stream Gig On 28 March

Bulgaria’s 2020 Eurovision act VICTORIA recently released her entry for the 2020 competition. ‘Tears Getting Sober’ – out now – is a beautifully produced piece of orchestral pop, full of magical strings reminiscent of a show-stopping Disney ballad. Ahead of the event, we asked Victoria some questions about Eurovision, her music, and her upcoming livestream.

James Newman - Photo Credit Victor Frankowski

James Newman Unveils UK Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Entry ‘My Last Breath’

James Newman has today unveiled the stunning video for his UK Eurovision Song Contest 2020 entry ‘My Last Breath’. The track premiered on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 this morning. Shot in Sněžka, a mountain on the border between Czech Republic and Poland, the video for ‘My Last Breath’ is directed by Charlie Lightening (Director of Liam Gallagher’s ‘As It Was’ Documentary) and features Dutch Athlete Wim ‘The IceMan’ Hoff, famous for creating the “Wim Hoff Method” of breathing, on an extreme journey of adversary through the mountains, echoed by James’ beautifully raw vocals.

When UK Eurovision Entries Charted At Number 1

The UK certainly hasn’t had much success at Eurovision over the last couple of decades – the last win was in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves; and the last runners-up place was in 1998 with Imaani. In the 21st century, the UK has only reached the top 10 twice (third in 2002 and fifth in 2009). In fact, since 2003, more often than not, the UK has finished outside of the top 20, including three last-placed finishes and a famous nul-points for Jemini in 2003.