Sp8ce Owl Takes Us To Another World With Latest Release, ‘Digital Breathing’

In another awesome video, Sp8ce Owl is able to fully teleport us to distant places beyond our imaginations. While his previous clips have seen him take us around the world, and into space, with the video for his new single, ‘Digital Breathing’, we go inside our very own bodies, and also inside the hardware of an android. As we see the complex circuitry of our own nervous system compared to the wiring and chips of a robot, we ask ourselves, are we really very different?

Sp8ce Owl Tells Us About New Single, ‘And So It Begins’, As Well As Where In The World He’d Most Like To Visit, And The Significance Of Owls

If you’ve been reading Essentially Pop for any length of time, you’ll have come across our pieces covering the music of the interestingly named, Sp8ce Owl. His most recent single, ‘And So It Begins’, comes with a gorgeous music video that takes us all over the world in the space of a day, and we were absolutely transfixed by it. You can read what we said here, but in the meanwhile, check out what Sp8ce Owl himself had to say, in response to our questions.

Sp8ce Owl – ‘Dancing In An Empty Room’

Sp8ce Owl makes music where the very notes seem to dance. Everything seems to be in motion, with delicate but insistent beats, the bass throbs, the sweeping pads, the acrobatic melodies. His latest single, ‘Dancing In An Empty Room’, from his upcoming album ‘A Room Without Walls’, is  one such track, and it’s a master class in the art of generating the illusion of motion, even when the musician making the sound is sitting perfectly still at his synthesizer.