PREMIERE: NADIA Releases New Track ‘Buzz’

Fresh from the release of vibrant dance-pop anthem “Push The Button”, Belfast singer-songwriter Nadia is making a swift return with the infectious, soul-stirring “Buzz” out February 2nd. Designed to fill glittering dancefloors, the track takes us back to the effervescent nostalgia of the 90s club scene and explores the euphoria of moving to a new city. With a knack for delivering irresistible earworms that epitomize the excitement of her early twenties, Nadia is set to captivate her ever-growing audience and diminish gloomy winter spirits. 

Drawing in on her soulful sensibilities, Nadia’s husky vocals softly float over a sea of seamless, dreamlike production, creating a soundscape for the hypnotizing “buzz of the city.” The track mimics the addictive pace of city life, encapsulating listeners with synth-fuelled, whooshing effects and vocal delivery that ranges from tender and soft to warm and inviting. Lyrically, it makes a statement on how the hustle and bustle provides comfort  – “A million voices all around / Feel like I’m floating in the sound / I reach my hands up to the sky / And for a moment I’m alive” suggests that Nadia is able to escape loneliness amidst the rush. The hit even departs with distant traffic noise and chatter, encouraging the listener to sonically experience city life.

Admired for creating luscious, melodic dance-pop, Nadia pours raw emotion into her songwriting, creating sing-along choruses over palpable rhythms. “Buzz” is one of her most emotive offerings yet, combining the mixture of fear and loneliness with the allure and wonder of the urban jungle. With a concept that is undoubtedly relatable to younger generations, this modern take on a gentle dance hit is bound to carry her impressive career to new heights and make its mark on the mainstream. Having collaborated with the likes of legendary producer Arden ‘Keyz’ Altino (celebrated for his work alongside Jay Z, Mary J. Blige and Justin Bieber) on previous releases “Figure It Out” and “Every Step”, Nadia has yet again solidified her prominence as one of the most thrilling new talents in pop. 

Listen to “Buzz” now:

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