ZNZE Releases No Nonsense RnB Single, ‘Peace of Mind’

A rising star from Hackney, East London, ZNZE’s single, ‘Peace Of Mind’ is an RnB track that will leave you craving more.

With hypnotic keyboards and a steady 808 rhythm, ‘Peace Of Mind’ sees ZNZE tell a story of responding to heartbreak and struggle by choosing to put yourself first. It’s a beautiful track straight from her heart, and in speaking of it ZNZE said,

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“At that time, I had just come out of a really tough period in my life, during this point I was craving a sense of calm. Through the struggle I found my fighting spirit again. The song is all about the peace I discovered once I made the decision to prioritize myself”.

Strong and empowering lyrics encourage the listener to do likewise in their own lives; rather than accept being downtrodden, ZNZE encourages us to take charge, and remember that, when it all comes down, if we don’t look after ourselves, nobody else will.

No nonsense lyrics, like, “Get gone, Get gone, I hope you know I’m not (I’m not), Tolerating with your shit no more, I hope you know, It’s time to level up, My peace of mind is more important” give the listener a place of solace, and hopefully a kicking off point to know where to draw the line.

ZNZE started out by singing covers in her home, and after starting to write her own songs, she learned how to cope with the struggles of expressing her emotions. With strong melodies and authentic lyricism, ZNZE shows that we can overcome any struggles we face, by putting our mind to it.

‘Peace Of Mind’ is out now and is available to stream and download here. You can find out more about ZNZE and her music online on Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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