HIT ALERT: Etham Releases New Track ‘Put You First (feat. GEMINI)’

With a music career born from the streets of Reading and nurtured through school talent shows, singer-songwriter Etham brings us a new gem: ‘Put You First (feat. GEMINI)’.

Teaming up with South Korean R&B sensation GEMINI, Etham dives into the pop scene with a mellow track that’s like a breath of fresh air. It’s not your typical collab, as the two rising stars sing in their native tongues, which produces something both unique and equally incredible.

‘Put You First’ kicks off with this clean electric guitar, setting the stage for Etham’s beautiful vocals to sweep in with this delicate yet powerful feel. GEMINI joins in, singing in Korean, and it’s this unexpected blend that takes the song to a whole new level. Their voices dance together in this mesmerising duet, creating an atmosphere that’s both chill and captivating.

What is most striking is how well both vocal melodies merge with the instrumentation; at not a single point does this track feel empty or that it’s missing something. I’m telling you, this guy is on the brink of something big.

So, if you’re into music that’s more than just background noise, give ‘Put You First (feat. GEMINI)’ a spin. It’s a blend of cultures, a clash of genres, and most importantly, it’s damn good music. Keep an ear out for this one, as Etham is about to shake things up.

Listen to Etham here: 

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