Stacey Jackson Reveals New Single, ‘Soldier’

Buckle up and prepare for a mind-bending ride as you dive headfirst into Stacey Jackson’s latest sonic masterpiece, ‘Soldier’. A high-voltage surge that effortlessly melds the disco dreams of yesteryears with a bold, contemporary twist that’s sure to leave you with chills down your spine. 

But hold on, because it’s not just the synths that steal the spotlight—Stacey Jackson’s vocals sweep in like a force of nature. A raw, genuine expression that oozes passion from every syllable. The timbres are so exquisite that they’re practically like musical velvet against your ears, as her voice collides with those meticulously measured doses of pop radiance.

‘Soldier’ catapults you into a whirlwind of energy that’s simply impossible to resist. It’s like being caught in a musical vortex that pulls you deep within, and trust me, you won’t want to escape. And then there’s the chorus—oh, the chorus! It’s a sonic supernova that’s begging to be unleashed. Imagine standing in a crowd, your voice merging with the sea of others as you belt out those lyrics with all your heart. It’s the kind of chorus that makes your soul shout.

Stacey Jackson’s musical identity isn’t just strong; it’s an artistic tempest that refuses to be tamed. ‘Soldier’ is the irrefutable proof, a testament to her creative talent that’s impossible to ignore. With its fusion of eras, its vocals that are practically liquid gold, and a chorus that could power a city, this track is ready to make waves across airwaves and hearts alike.

Crafted in collaboration with the musical maestro Ramzi Sleiman, the very same genius behind the chart-busting sensation ‘Flipside,’ ‘Soldier’ doesn’t just channel the nostalgic vibes of the iconic ’80s era; it’s also a portal into the intimate tapestry of Stacey Jackson’s personal journey. With the precision of a master artisan, she seamlessly weaves threads of her own history into the fabric of the song.

Venturing even further into the corridors of her past, Stacey unearths a treasure trove of musical memories—cue the teenage rock band, Cold Front, emerging from the mists of 1985. This isn’t just a casual nod to yesteryears; it’s a deliberate plunge into the depths of her own musical evolution, injecting the track with an additional layer of resonance. Imagine a mosaic where each piece represents a different chapter of her artistic life—’Soldier’ is that mesmerizing mosaic brought to life, with the hues of Cold Front’s legacy lending it an extra dimension of soul.

With ‘Soldier,’ she pens a chapter that resonates not only with the rhythm of the present but also echoes with the harmonies of her journey, inviting us all to join her in this immersive musical experience.

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