Some Of India And Colombia’s Best Artists Collide On New Song

Diljit Dosanjh, one of India’s most prominent vocalists, and Camilo, the brilliant Colombian singer, have collaborated on an awesome new single titled ‘Palpita’, releasing in two days on the 1st of September. With Diljit becoming the first Punjabi artist to perform at Coachella and Camilo winning several Latin Grammy awards, both artists have already broken several records in the young decade, and have now worked together on an equally brilliant song, ‘Palpita’.

Diljit Dosanjh, better known mononymously as Diljit, has been described as ‘Indian Drake’ due to his popularity in South Asia for his filmmaking and musical prowess. Both his ventures have netted him a wide range of accolades and awards through the past decade and a half. On the other side of this song, Camilo Echeverry (also known mononymously) has had an equally brilliant music career, winning several Latin Grammy awards for his awesome discography through his nearly two-decade long career. Now, two of the biggest artists of their home countries are set to collide on ‘Palpita’, an international track that’s set to become a hit.

Featuring Camilo singing in Spanish and Diljit singing in Punjabi, the song demonstrates that although languages and borders may separate people, music can bring them back together. ‘Palpita’ is an energetic pop ballad, and even if you can’t necessarily understand the lyrics, you can still dance along to the music all the same and enjoy this brilliant collaboration between some of this generation’s finest international artists.

‘Palpita’ releases internationally in two days – stay tuned until Friday.

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