New Exbats Single, ‘Like it Like I Do’, Out August 10th 

Described by the band as ‘music for people who bought 45s from 1965 to 1975,’ ‘Like it Like I Do’ is nothing short of a sweet love letter, that feels like it’s been dug out of a time capsule from the mid 1960’s to early 1970’s.

Arizona-based Exbats, consisting of the singer/drummer Inez McLain and her songwriter/guitarist father Kenny, are ready to debut ‘Song Machine,’ an album that references the golden era of rock singles but played with a modern urgency. Exbats find a tenderness in their sound without losing the sensibilities of pop. Their musical ethos are reminiscent of the Partridge Family, Muswell Hillbillies-era Kinks, and Brian Wilson.

The lead single of ‘Song Machine,’ ‘Like It Like I Do,’ is a two minute number with a crooning melody adjacent to a Mamas & Papas song, that describes the bliss one feels just after falling in love, uncovering the fears of being forever alone, which become replenished by the narrator meeting their perfect match as Kenny and Inez Mclain’s buttery vocals work in unison.

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