Irish Duo Martellos Release Newest Single, ‘95 (Strawberry Blonde)’

Irish electronic music duo Martellos are set to release their latest single, ‘95 (Strawberry Blonde)’, on 25 August across streaming platforms. Following on from their previous track, ‘West’, which has received significant radio airplay on stations like RTE 2FM, ‘95 (Strawberry Blonde)’ is an emotive piece, with heartfelt lyrics and a brilliant instrumental combining to create an awesome new track.

Martellos members Kevin (instrumentals) and Lorcan (vocals) have more in common than just music and heritage – they both went through troubling times growing up in the counties of Donegal and Mayo, which had a great influence on the paths they took. Eventually, the two’s paths crossed in Galway, while the two were in university, and they became great friends, forming the duo Martellos. The duo debuted in the wake of the pandemic, in 2022, with the track ‘Card Tricks’ – ever since then, Martellos (now based in South East London) have been rising up the charts, and continue to do so with their latest track, the brilliant ‘95 (Strawberry Blonde)’.

The song isn’t the regular blend of electro music that you’re used to by any means. Lorcan’s awesome vocals deliver a melancholic message, painting a vivid picture of what it’s like to be at rock bottom in day-to-day life. However, it wouldn’t be complete without Kevin’s equally incredible production work, blending elements of half a dozen genres into one piece to create a downbeat track that perfectly accompanies Lorcan’s lyrics. The latest part of Martellos’ upcoming EP, ‘95 (Strawberry Blonde)’ shows the duo’s unwavering passion for music through an innovative piece that isn’t rooted in any one genre or style, while also delivering a heartfelt message that anyone can relate to.

Find the band’s socials and music through the link here.

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