Breakout Rapper Sugarhill Ddot Drops ‘Shake It’

Earlier this month, American rapper Sugarhill Ddot released his latest single, the energetic ‘Shake It’. Featuring only the most humble of bragging from Ddot over a dance-worthy beat, ‘Shake It’ is electric, eclectic, and above all else, energetic. Accompanied by a music video where the New York City rapper walks through the streets of sunny Los Angeles accompanied by several scantily clad women, the new song, although sounding strange on paper, is one of Ddot’s most brilliant songs in practice.

Originally from Harlem, Darrian Jimenez became interested in rap at a young age, and is still at a young age even today – he’s just 15 and has already made his mark. Debuting in November 2021 as Sugarhill Ddot at the age of 13 with ‘DOAK’, he immediately drew comparisons to Kris Kross, similar child prodigies who had debuted in their pre-teens in the 90s – although their styles are completely different, with Ddot employing a more energetic drill style for his records. The 2020s have featured a mix of different child prodigies over the years, and Ddot is one of many of them to make an impact with his latest song, ‘Shake It’.

Following up energetic jams such as ‘Make a Mess’ and ‘3AM in the Yams’ would prove to be a difficult task for anyone, let alone a 15-year-old, but Ddot does it brilliantly. Harlem’s finest child prodigy delivers incredibly humble brags and boasts over an energetic beat backed by an acoustic guitar in a mix that’s bound to get you dancing. Despite his incredibly young age relative to other players in the game, Ddot continues to perform at a veteran level, with ‘Shake It’ being yet another hit in the teenager’s discography.

Watch the music video for ‘Shake It’ here.

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