Ivor Novello nominee Elina shares a new single ‘I Should’ve Danced More’

Surrounded by the most picturesque parts of Nordic Sweden, Ivor Novello nominated singer/songwriter Elina converts her tranquil upbringing into soothing sonic sagas like her latest acoustic single, ‘I Should’ve Danced More’. 

Listening to Elina’s soft vocals, you can be instantly teleported into a bubble of hope and gratitude, where you conquer fears and live in the moment. The soul-stabbing lyric of a rhetorical question, “am I living or alive,” summarises the track’s message of ‘life is short, let’s live it to the fullest.’

Elina elaborates on the meaning behind ‘I Should’ve Danced More’: 

“It’s a gentle reminder that life is short and is happening for us right now. It’s about conquering your fears and whatever it may be that is holding you back from living your life to the fullest. ‘I Should’ve Danced More‘ is one of those songs that wrote itself. It came to us one late afternoon in the studio, right before we were leaving for dinner, and the first draft version we did at that time was the one that we decided to release. It’s my favourite song on the album lyrically, and actually the very first song ever that I’ve genuinely enjoyed listening to outside of work.”

Before launching her career in April 2018, Elina was mainly known as a phenomenal songwriter and has collaborated with names like Zara Larson, Astrid S, Maroon 5, and SZA. She has also co-written the multi-platinum 2016 single ‘Sexual’ for NEIKED. 

You can listen to ‘I Should’ve Danced More’ now. 

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