Gadigal Land/Sydney Introspective Guitar-Pop Group Pash Announce Skylight EP; Share Lead Single ‘Possession’

Pash, the shy, introspective pop project of Gadigal land/Sydney based fourtet Joseph Buckmaster (Optic Nerve), Jemimah June, Jackson McCarthy and David Gauci (Hatchie, FLOWERTRUCK, Gauci) follow-up their debut EP ‘Somersault’ with three new tracks packaged as the ‘Skylight’ EP, out Friday, August 26 via Dinosaur City Records.

Pash began as a bedroom project of Jemimah and Jackson, and have since been writing and recording together since 2019, evolving to take on a live band context with the addition of Gauci and Buckmaster. Their sound is somewhere betwen the sensibilities of Sarah Records bands like Blueboy and The Wake, and the urgent pop delivery of The Wedding Present and The Pastels. Though their debut EP Somersault, released via Dinosaur City in 2022, had nods to Cate Shortland’s emotionally fraught romance film of the same name with its saccharine, sonically expansive and crush-worthy hooks, Skylight explores themes of fantasy, hopelessness, desperation and embarrassment.

Pash’s debut EP ‘Somersault’ was released to acclaim from Music Feeds, Jangle Pop Hub and White Head//White Light among others, with airplay across PBS, 2SER, 3RRR, FBi, 4ZZZ, RTR and NTS, an add to Apple Music’s New Music Daily, and a feature as FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week.

Pash share,

“Most of the [Skylight EP] songs are about wanting something you can’t have, or wanting to be somewhere you can’t go.”

Lead single ‘Possession’ is a catchy, upbeat song, with a prominent guitar throughout and a consistent drum beat, with the soft, shy yet meaningful sugar-coated singing of Jemimah,

“sitting on your lap / bleeding bright red / I only wanted to be your girlfriend / but every time you look at me, I can’t even talk to you / only want to be, want to be with you”.

Stream lead single Possession, out now here, and find out more about Pash on their official Instagram.

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