BandLab Technologies Unveils New Visual Identity for ReverbNation

Today, BandLab Technologies unveils an exciting new brand vision for ReverbNation, the renowned artist services platform that empowers independent musicians worldwide. The new branding introduces a refreshed visual identity, along with plans to invest into new features and expand ReverbNation’s suite of artist services. These plans double down on ReverbNation’s unwavering commitment to being the ultimate destination for artists to launch their careers, forge meaningful connections, and amplify their music.

The new visual identity captures the essence of ReverbNation’s lively and driven spirit, reflecting the boundless energy of the artists it serves. It spans across all digital touchpoints, including a new logo and refreshed website which will continue to serve musicians through ReverbNation’s powerful features, such as fan engagement tools and analytics.

“Driven by an unwavering passion to empower artists, ReverbNation has consistently offered a wealth of tools and opportunities, enabling musicians that choose to stay independent to distribute their music, amplify their voices and grow their fanbase,” says BandLab Technologies CEO & Co-founder Meng Ru Kuok. “As we empower more creators at unprecedented levels around the world, we see it our responsibility to continue to invest in the flourishing independent artist ecosystem and its future as well. This new look is in keeping with that dedication. Additionally, ReverbNation will build further on our current feature set, create additional roles to enrich our artist services offerings as well as further opportunities and develop better funnels for our artists to connect with professional management, labels, and teams to support their musical careers.”

BandLab Technologies, a leading innovator in music software, also recently debuted an exciting new brand vision for their renowned music production software, Cakewalk. Alongside this milestone, the company has successfully raised $25 million in a Series B1 funding round, resulting in a post-money valuation of $425 million. This substantial investment will further enhance BandLab Technologies’ unwavering dedication to accessible music-making and pioneering innovation in the industry.

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ReverbNation is a leading platform dedicated to empowering independent artists worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to equipping musicians with the tools and opportunities they need to build meaningful connections and amplify their music, ReverbNation stands as the ultimate destination for artists to launch their careers. The platform offers a wide range of innovative features, from comprehensive artist profiles and personalized promotional campaigns to exclusive networking opportunities and targeted fan engagement tools. Through its cutting-edge technology and artist-centric approach, ReverbNation continues to revolutionize the music industry and empower musicians to soar to new heights.

BandLab Technologies is a collective of global music technology companies that envisions a future where there are no boundaries to making and sharing music. It exists to empower all creators – from providing a social music creation platform with BandLab, to building intuitive music tools with Cakewalk, to helping artists grow lasting careers with ReverbNation, to enabling musicians to monetize their content with Airbit.

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