NEW HIT: Sarah Reeves ‘Get Back Your Fight’

This year, pop artist and singer/songwriter Sarah Reeves embarks on a new chapter of healing, growing, and looking forwards, not backward. Digging deeper and unraveling emotional triggers, Reeves shares her new fiery single ‘Get Back Your Fight’, tackling mental health.

‘Get Back Your Fight’ is the first track Sarah Reeves has solely written and recorded. After having a viral moment, she was strongly encouraged by her fans to release the track for everyone to hear officially. It is the third teaser of her upcoming album ‘Best Days’.

Reeves opens up about her recent struggles and the track’s hopeful messaging:

“I’ve done a lot of digging deep and healing this year, but sometimes I surprise myself when something comes up that triggers me or takes me back a few steps. It’s discouraging, but at the same time, I never want to be afraid to confront those issues that are deeply rooted in my heart. Let’s keep growing, keep healing; and don’t be too hard on yourself when you mess up. No hurt is ever wasted. We’re all in this together. Be kind to one another. I’m so glad this song is helping and connecting with so many of you.”

Reeves stands by a mantra of “no hurt is ever wasted”, with a splash of colorful war paint, she turns into a warrior fighting her demons and other inner conflicts. ‘Get Back Your Fight’ is a certified uplift with encouraging lyricism not to give up and keep going.

Listen to ‘Get Back Your Fight’ out now.

Sarah Reeves - Get Back Your Fight (Official Music Video)

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