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As the festival season is in full force and England’s weather has finally got a grip, Leyland’s Worden Park transformed into an 80s and 90s music extravaganza. Organised by UK Media and Events on behalf of South Ribble Borough Council, the Music in the Park event returned on Sunday, May 28th, after last year’s successful turnout of more than 3,000 people. 

Our backstage pass and exclusive insight into the behind-the-scenes of Music In The Park was brought by Stacey Jackson, an award-winning singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and TV presenter. Bringing back her hosting days alongside her co-host Roy Basnett, Jackson has utilised her natural charisma and bubbliness to bring people closer to this year’s line-up, including Nik Kershaw, Peter Andre, Pat Sharp, Special Guest (Bradley Macintosh from S Club 7) , Deco, and Nathan Moore.

With her unmatched passion for the 80s, Stacey Jackson fit into this role like a glove. Jackson starred in her very own TV show ‘Stacey Jackson In The 80s’ (Spotlight TV, Sky Channel 365, and Freest 500). On top of sharing most of the decade’s classics, she regularly unveiled her own stellar material featuring hits like ‘Live It Up,’ ‘Flipside’ and ‘Urgent.’ 

Rocking a hot pink sequence, Generational Love’s jacket complimented with a black maxi skirt, and her signature flawless blonde hair, Stacey Jackson speaks about a conversation that specifically stood out for her. It was her chat with English-Australian singer and television personality Peter Andre as they bonded over movie roles in ‘Reboot Camp.’ 

Jackson elaborates: 

“We were backstage having a laugh, and I had asked him during the interview what he was up to now. He said he was in a movie, which he also exec-produced and he was very excited about it. He was now taking it to market, gave us a little synopsis (a comedy) so I said “Oh it reminds me of a comedy I was just in called Reboot Camp (It was so random but I wouldn’t have mentioned that if he hadn’t given me the synopsis of his movie – it was such a similar genre I just bounced back on it.) When I said the name of the movie, he reacted “Wait what, I was supposed to be in that movie!” I said “No Way – how?”. He said he had a call from David Lipper (the producer of the movie). (From my understanding he couldn’t go on set because he had just signed a new management who wanted him somewhere else at the same time so he couldn’t make it to LA in time for the movie). He is also the one who called me for a cameo to sing Live It Up in the movie. David and I have known each other since we were 12 and went to prom together, so that was a really fun random connection – and why we also took that little selfie: we sent it to David!”

A little birdie told us there might be a very exciting release in July for all the Stacey Jackson fans, and we are here for it. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, go ahead and stream her latest hits. 

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