Bill Greenberg Releases Powerful Anti-War Single, ‘Ukraine’

With earnest heartfelt sentiments, Bill Greenberg’s new single, ‘Ukraine’, combines elements of folk and world music, while creating a powerful anti-war track. Released on May 15, the track the forceful track is available to stream on Spotify.

New York’s Bill Greenberg has been playing music ever since receiving a guitar from his grandmother for his ninth birthday. Since then he’s toured throughout Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the USA, with his band, Bill’s Band. Their music, including their 1998 album, ‘Basic Tracks’, as well as more recent singles, ‘Gloria’, and ‘I And I’, are all available on Spotify.

Speaking about ‘Ukraine’, Greenberg said,

“Ukraine”  envisions a Ukrainian soldier withstanding Putin’s so-called “special military operation” repelling the destruction of their country and their homes—no matter what the cost to themselves or to their families.”

“I wanted the song released with a video in the several  languages allowing those most affected by the Ukrainian conflict to understand the consequence of the bloodshed.”

‘Ukraine’ opens immediately with Greenberg half speaking half singing, accompanied simply by his acoustic guitar, accentuating the feeling of the track. At the midway point he opens up with harmonica, further bringing in the emotion. While the song is representative of a Ukrainian soldier, it could really stand for anyone in the armed forces, fighting an unjust battle.

“My jeans are patched, my bags are torn, my body’s aching in the storm. But I’ll walk on through the morning, cos I know I belong, ragged as I stand, I can’t be sad.”

All those in the forces are faced with the reality of being at any time faced with life or death; and yet they still go on, fighting for what they believe in.

Find out more about Bill Greenberg and his music on Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify.

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